image From Concept to Completion... The Design Process is simple.

Usually, your first contact with our firm is because a friend referred you to us. They either have had experience dealing with us in the past or have had a friend who knows us somehow. Maybe a builder has recommended us to you. Either way, you came to us because a source has had a positive experience dealing with our firm in the past, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

Either way, we're glad you're here!

Our team will take it from the the brilliant idea which you’ve gone over and over in your head to a final working set of blueprints, a complete plan with engineered seals if need be. A Luxury Dream Home Plan where we started with a clean sheet of paper and together developed exactly what you wanted it to be. Your Custom Designed Home from scratch; or... if you prefer we can begin with one of our many existing plans and modify it to create your semi custom home plan by modifying it somewhat. We can help you decide which way would be the best course for you to follow during our initial meeting.

  • First there's the introductory meeting

    The first meeting is a time when you can begin to learn about us. We know that planning a home can seem to be a daunting challenge. Many times our clients are nervous. That's understandable, after all buying or designing a new home is a big commitment of time, money, and emotion. We want you to be relaxed and at ease with us and for us to be comfortable with you. We're going to be a team and we have to communicate easily together.

    And so, you decided that we'd be a good fit, and you want to hire us...

  • Initial concept drawing

    ...Ask us questions!
    We initially design a concept plan based on our interview. We've Learned what your wants and needs are, and so we've come up with a rough draft of what we think you want. This is the point where Architecture begins. This is words begin to fail. You've heard pictures are worth a thousand words. Well... Architecture is pictures. We draw pictures to communicate to others what we want to achieve.

  • Site Orientation

    ...Ask us questions!
    Site orientation is something our clients don't often think too much about when they purchase the land they are about to build on. It's a very important facet of our Architectural design work. For example, having the back porch on the west side is definitely not a good idea in Texas. Especially if you plan on having any outdoor time in the afternoon.
    We spend considerable time making sure the orientation of the home and the layout are proper to the property. We make sure the traffic flows inside the home are congruent to the orientation of the property.

  • Cad Drawings

    ...Ask us questions!
    Now we have made considerable progress developing the floor plans. We will make as many changes to the floor plans as is needed to get exactly the floor plan you want. (well. as many changes as you want, providing we are making reasonable progress.)

  • Refined Cad Drawings

    ...Ask us questions!
    Now we have made considerable progress. The Floor Plans have all the Windows, Cabinets, Plumbing, Doors, and Major Furniture pieces have been placed, we have a Roof Layout, we've seen Concept Elevations, a Proposed Site Plan is completed. We have finally reached a point which we call the "NO MORE CHANGES" stage of the planning process. Just as the name implies, changes can no longer be made beyond this point. (At least changes at no cost.) Now we go away for two to three more weeks to complete the architectural drawings.

  • Final Cad Drawings

    At this point you have not had the opportunity to review one of the most important parts of the design. The electrical components. This is where we spend considerable time reviewing and discussing the lighting effects of the home. We discuss the ambiance lighting you want to create. What type of lighting will be used at what locations. We discuss all aspects of electrical including where the security system annunciator panels will be located, where the night lighting will be, where and how it will be activated. We even discuss exterior ground lighting and Christmas lighting and Christmas lighting duplexes. It's all considered. Now that the drawings have been completed, all the sections and wall details are done, all the cornice and freeze boards, and other details have been drawn. We give you the opportunity to make one final complete review before we produce the final version of the plans. Once this review is completed, we produce the final plans. Our fees do not include Production costs, but all other aspects of the project are included as shown on our pages of what is included in our plans.